Public Surveys


Citizens’ Juries in the UK explore which uses of health data are acceptable to the public

Connected Health Cities (CHC), an initiative in the north of England using health data to improve care, has held two Citizens’ juries to explore public opinion on data use. Citizens’ juries involve about 18 citizens spending three or four days together, learning about an issue from expert witnesses and discussing it in small groups, before writing a joint report containing answers to the ‘purpose’ they have been asked to address.


European’s attitudes towards the use of personal data

People value having the power to make decisions about the use of their data. Digital services must be recognisable as being fair, and people want to have the power to decide who gets to use the data collected on them, and for what purposes. These are the views held by people in four European countries, according to a survey commissioned by Sitra, a publicly funded research body in Finland